Roman Chamber. 2017. oil on canvas. 182 x 202 cm
HOMO FABER. 2017. oil on canvas. 171 x 202 cm
THE STAIRS. 2013. oil on canvas. 206 x 173 cm
The Museum. 2014. oil on canvas. 160 x 205 cm
The Old Room. 2016. oil on canvas. 198 x 277 cm
Cortile. 2003. oil on canvas board. 40 x 50 cm
Vincent's Room - I. 2017. 201 x 323.5 cm
Chamber with Flies. 2015. oil on canvas and golden iron sheets. 148 x 215 cm
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In the category of “chambers” are those paintings whose concern was the direct representation of the entourage that makes up the Old world and the world of non-lose artefacts, of the worlds that it claims to be the foundation of the universal art.